10 Cats Who Can’t Stop Complaining About Thier Haircuts


Haircuts are one of the important aspects of our haircut. But for cats, it is even more important as it can change their appearance completely. A fat cat could turn completely slim after getting a haircut. This is absolutely true. So if you think that your cat is fat, just get him a haircut and you will know what’s hidden beneath. You may ask your cats for permission before giving them a haircut.

Here are ten cats that are not at all happy with the haircut their hoomans got them. Have a look!


This cat’s expression shows that he is already planning his revenge.


“My cat didn’t speak to me for days after getting this haircut.”


“You won’t get to call me fat again. This is what you get for giving me this stupid haircut.”


“This is why I hate haircuts. When will may hooman understand this!?”

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Time heals everything. This will get better too.

By now, you can figure out what a wrong haircut can do to cats. It is a crime against cats to give them such horrible haircuts. Even if you think that your cat may look pawsome, a haircut can go seriously wrong. So it would be better if you stay away from doing such experiments. Both you and your cat can stay happy without these haircuts.


Have you ever seen a cat angrier than this one? We haven’t and we hope this doesn’t happen again.


“Getting a haircut is fine, but what did you do to me. Don’t take me for haircuts if you don’t know the right one for me.”


“Before I say something I want you to keep your camera away. I don’t want another stupid video going viral about this stupid.”


“As if I didn’t look ugly already. Why did you have to get me this haircut? I hate you!”


This kitty couldn’t stop questing his hooman for giving him this ugly haircut.

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