10 Cats Who Decided To Destroy Something Just Because They Can And Got Caught Red-Handed


Cats are very bossy pets and they like to have a control over everything in the house. You can’t keep anything in your house without your cat’s permission. If you doesn’t like it, you should better remove it or find it broken. There is no other way because a cat always gets what it wants.

Here are some cats who decided to destroy something because they can and they have no regrets. Have a look at these cats and get to know that cats really like to destroy things! They get sheer pleasure out of it.


Cats never have regrets. They do everything on purpose and celebrate after they finally achieve what they want.


“My hooman told me not to eat anything in the house, so I decided to eat everything in the doll house.”


Sometimes, cats act guilty to get their hooman’s sympathy. But this is just an act and you need to be aware of it.


“I didn’t like it, so I broke it. You can throw this away now.”

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This picture was caught at the right moment. The cat looks kinda scared here.

Capturing your cat at the right moment is the hardest thing to do. They are very spontaneous and they will be gone before you know it.


Cats won’t accept the gifts that their hoomans get for them. This is what will happen to your expensive gift that you got for your cat.


A cat believes in himself and his abilities. This one chose to decorate his throne on his own.


That happiness and joy after finally destroying all the things that he hated. “My hooman keeps on getting stupid things for me. I don’t like them at all.”


A cat can always fit inside a box and also decorate it as per his own wishes. Look how happy this cat is after redecorating his box home.


A cat always deserves to get the first bite of everything that you make or bring home.

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