10 Cats Who Have Inexplicable Habits And Traits


Cats are known for being weird and strange because they always do their own thing. They don’t like to do what their hoomans tell them do and make their own rules. But what if something that a cat does is way different from other cats too? What should you do in that case?

Here are some pictures of cats who have inexplicable habits and traits! Have a look at these cats and you will enjoy a good laugh!


“So what if I can’t have the food, I can at least make you feel bad for not sharing it with me.”


Cats like to be innovative, even in the little things that they do.

My cat drinks her water by dipping her belly into the bowl and then licking the water off of her fur.


You can always find your cat anywhere it’s warm.

She enjoys warming her rear end in the hot stream of air from the laptop.


This cat chews his mouth when he gets hungry so that his hooman knows. Quite clever of you, little kitty!

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Every cat has a unique way of drinking water and this one is truly hilarious.

Some people drink tea with their pinkies up. And my cat drinks like this.


Some cat likes their water cold with ice in it. This fur ball here wouldn’t drink from his bowl till the time there is ice in it.


When your cat is more like you and less like other cats and you start questing its existence.


When your cat evolves and starts eating with his paws instead of eating directly from the bowl.


This cat likes to collect all the socks in the house and line them up against the wall. “Just give me some time and you will understand what I am doing.”


When your cat commands you to clean everything up, this is how it is supposed to look.

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