10 Hilarious Pictures Showing What Cats Are All About


The felines are weird pets and do crazy things all the time. Nobody has been able to understand cats completely till date. In fact, even cat hoomans themselves get confused as to what their cats actually wants. The felines are very expressive and they always have something or the other going on in their mind. Once a cat decides to do something, you can never convince it to do otherwise. When it comes to getting what they want, cats can be really stubborn.

Here are some hilarious pictures showing what cats are all about. Have a look at these cats and you will know that cats are crazy and always do as they like!


Where there is a cat, there has to be a broken plant. The felines don’t like plants for some reason or they just get immense happiness after breaking plants.


Some cats need their own chair at the dinning table. “Hooman, I am waiting for food since past five minutes. Hurry up now!”


Cats always know what they want and they don’t need anyone’s permission to take what they want. “What’s mine shall belong to me!”


A cat knows how to choose the best spot in the house when it comes to sleeping. Nobody can tell a cat where it is supposed to sleep.

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When you try to pet your cat without his permission, this is how it will end up. “Who told you to touch me, hooman! Maybe the bite marks will help you remember before making such decision next time.”

The felines can be really clingy or they can ignore your existence for all and once. But when you touch them without asking them, you are bound to end up with bite marks.


When you have to leave for work, but your cat is still hungry and hasn’t been fed properly. “It’s too early to leave, hooman. I need more food!”


Once a cat takes over your bed, it won’t leave. So either make other arrangements for yourself or adjust with the cat.


Cats love to sit on top of laptops when their hoomans are working on something important.


Once a cat gets too comfortable, this is how it looks.


When your cat is trying to take a nap, but you start making unnecessary noises. “Can you keep it down, hooman? I am trying to take a nap here.”

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