10 Hilarious Texts You’d Get If Cats Could Text


Cats don’t talk like us. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t understand what we say. The cats know everything that is going on around them. Their reactions say it all out loud. Cats are the most relatable pets ever. You need to spend some time with them and you will realize that they are really smart creatures. Just imagine if your cat could text you back, what would it say to you. It would be the most hilarious and best conversation ever.

Even though this is not possible, we have some hypothetical examples for you. Here are some hilarious texts you would get if cats could text. Have a look at these texts and you will know that cats have a pawsome sense of humor!


First, cats create a mess and then they ask their hoomans to clean it up. They won’t ever feel bad or guilty about anything.


Cats are always in for a good show. They won’t ever miss it, until they have to sleep. Because sleep always prevails over everything else.


You have to be very careful with your electronics when there is a cat in the house. He won’t leave even a single opportunity to break them.


You can never win an argument with a cat. The felines know how to keep their hoomans in control and they always win.

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If you can get affected after watching a movie, then your cat can too. Please don’t undermine the feelings of your cat.


This is one thing that cats can never decide upon. They want to be everywhere all at once. Also, cats are fickle minded and change spontaneously.


For a cat, the bowl is never full. You have to fill it after every two minutes till the time your cat is done eating.


Never ever play hide and seek with your cat because you will always end up losing to your cat.


Your cat will always take all the important decisions of your life. There is nothing that you need to worry about when a cat is around.


Never built a house for your cat. Simply get a box and he will be really happy. That’s all that you need to make your cat happy.

Go ahead and share these hilarious cat texts with your friends and put a huge smile on their face. Cats never fail at making people laugh.

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