10 Moody Cats You Definitely Shouldn’t Dare To Mess With


Cats are sneak and unpredictable creatures. Under no circumstances should you ever mess with a cat, especially when it is in a bad mood. Cats are expressive about their feelings, so you will always get to know when your cat is in a bad mood. Still you need to analyze carefully if it wants to be left alone or want your attention. Things can be really tricky when a cat is involved.

Here are some moody cats that you definitely shouldn’t dare to mess with. Have a look at these pictures and you will know when a cat is in a bad mood and you need to stay away!


When your cat gets to know about all the bad decisions that you have been making lately. “This is not what I expected out of you. You are my hooman and you are embarrassing me in front of my friends!”


When your cat is in a mood to party and also agrees to dance with you. This doesn’t happen every day.


“You are late, hooman. You should spend the night outside only. I won’t let you get in the house now. It’s way past your curfew time.”


When your cat makes sure that you don’t lie to your boss and finish all the work on time. “I see you are trying to take a short break. You have lots to do.”

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The cat is upset because the bird didn’t show up today. “I trusted her. How could she break her promise?”


When you are trying to sleep, but your cat won’t stop staring at you. “How can you sleep when I am hungry!”


“Don’t you dare mess with me! You know what I am capable of doing.”


This cat is certainly not in a good mood today. You should just stay clear of him.


When you just can’t keep it in and have to let go.


When your cat stops reacting at every silly thing that you do, know that he has lost all hopes. “You disappoint me, hooman!”

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