Keeping Your Cat Indoors Can Make Both You And Your Cat Healthier


Cats don’t like to go out for walks like dogs. Even cat hoomans know that their cats won’t ever bother them asking to take them outside. Cats prefer to stay inside and get plenty of sleep. But even scientists have researched and concluded that cats are meant to live indoors.

The study showed that the cats who spend more time outside are more likely to get infected with parasites or pathogens as compared to those who spend their time inside home.

This was stated in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters. It was also observed that it’s not just the cats who are at risk, but their hoomans as well. Cats carry such pathogens and they can also transfer them to their hoomans.

An interesting fact came into play. The location of cats from the equator also plays a part in this. All the cats who are far away from the equator are more likely to catch a bug or virus if they spend time outside.

Chalkowski and his colleagues wanted to put an end to this discussion, so they went through all the previous studies conducted in this regard. These studies were mainly focused on the diseases that thrive in the exterior and interior environment. The study was conducted for more than nineteen different cat pathogens spread over a dozen countries including Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Pakistan, Germany, St. Kitts and Brazil.

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Chalkowski said,

This is the first time outdoor access as a risk factor for infection in cats has been quantified across a wide range of geographic locales and types of pathogens.

All the infections including toxoplasmosis and roundworm showed constant effects affecting both cats and their humans. They all showed the same results, irrespective of how they were transferred.

Basically, no matter where you are in the world, keeping your cat indoors is a great way to keep them healthy from infectious diseases.

Keeping cats indoors is the only way to avoid the spread of pathogens to humans from cats.

Apart from cats, other pets can also spread some of the diseases to their hoomans. Dogs can spread diseases like rabies and cattle can transfer a parasitic disease called Cryptosporidium parvum that infects bowels.

After reading this, what are your views about keeping cats inside? Do you keep your cat indoors or take it out often? Let us know in the comments!

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