Owners Thought This Kitten Was Odd-Looking And Sick, Discovered Gracie Is Actually A Wolfcat


There are a lot of cats out there and it is very difficult to categorize cats into different breeds. Each cat is different and unique. Many people are not even aware how many types of cats are out there. Most of you won’t even have heard about wolf cats.

Meet Gracie, the werewolf kitten that instantly went viral on social media!

Recently, a social media account Graciewoldcat shared a video of a foster kitten that their cat was taking care of.

The video got instant hits and likes over a million. The little kitten had strange fur patterns and bald spots which made her different from the rest. This was due to a rare natural mutation that the cat was born with. Such cats are called Wolfcats or Lykoi.

Gracie’s hooman shared,

I decided to foster 2 pregnant cats found at a colony site together. They each had their babies 6 days apart and after a week, the two moms joined together and started to raise all 12 babies as one big family. They took care of each other’s babies as if they were all their own.

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It all began when two foster cats of Bree gave birth to some kittens.

One of the kittens was very frail and kept on losing hair. Bree immediately took the kitten to vet. The vet said that the kitten was healthy and fine and might have had a fever coat previously.

Bree said,

We were so concerned about her well-being, but she made small improvements shortly after and started to grow her hair back. As she started to grow, I really couldn’t get over how odd she looked and how she looked nothing like her siblings or parents.

Even though Bree was constantly worried about the cat’s health, the vet said that the cat was completely fine. Gradually, Gracie started to grow hair back, but there were still some bald spots left. The kitten stood out from the rest of the litter. Bree was completely shocked to notice this.

After doing some research, Bree found out that it was a natural genetic mutation. These cats are called Wolf cats or Lykoi. She even spotted a cat that looked similar to Gracie. That is when Bree realised that Gracie was actually a Wolf cat or Lykoi. Gracie has just a single coat of fur and sheds fur more often than other cats.

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