Twitter Users Share The Weirdest Things Their Cats Do And We Were Not Prepared


The felines go on doing weird and crazy things just to make their hoomans happy. They won’t stop at anything to achieve what they want. Cats never cared about the opinions of others. The furballs are super practical and they don’t stop at anything when it comes to putting a smile on their hooman’s face. The felines can charm anyone easily and cheering people is a part of their job. They are born with such skills and talent that helps them achieve all of this very easily.

Twitter users share the weirdest things their cats do and we were not prepared. Have a look at these hilarious cat tweets and you will definitely understand what we are talking about!


Cats want their hooman to feel loved at all times. They will do little things to make their hoomans feel loved. Bringing flowers is one of them.


A cat always knows how to get his hooman’s attention and this is working well so far. When a cat wants something, it can make it happen even in its sleep.


Cats have weird ways to tell their hoomans what they want. This one just couldn’t get weirder.


Cats know how to make the game more interesting. When it comes to hide and seek, it just gets better and better.

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Only a cat knows how to make right use of things. Cat logic is always acceptable. There is no other way to do it.


This scared the cat’s hooman initially, but now they have got used to it. But anyone who sees this for the first time gets really scared.


A cat is always watching his hooman intently. If you think that you can escape your cat, then you are completely wrong.


A cat always makes sure that no one else makes any claims on his hooman. “I will sit right here. Let me see who tries to get near you. No one can move past me.”


Cats have been learning a lot from their hoomans all this while and it’s time to use it.


A cat will do what it wants. You can either judge or mind your own business.


Don’t forget to spread these hilarious tweets about cats and put a smile on everyone’s face around you! Share your views with us in the comments below. Cats do a lot of weird things and every cat hooman definitely has a story to share.

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